Tire and Wheel Accessories



Aluminum gauge head with wheel weight clamp. Automatic distance and wheel diameter measuring. DNY more for standard rim,4 ALU models for alloy rims or special shaaped rim,statistic mode for motorcycle rim. Pluggable position pick up board. Seft diagnoses,easy to find the problem


Swing arm for minimum space requirement. Self-centring four-jaw tumtable controlled via two clamping cylinders for correct clamping of the wheel. Bead breaker with large anti-skid rubber pad. Locking rim from 10" - 22"
Large bead breaker blade Ial Rear air tank serves as tubetess tyre inflation device


For standard,low-profile and run-flat wheels of car and light commercial vehicles. Machine post tilted backwards / forwards upon pedal operatioan (pneumatic) and pneumatically locked in working position. Locking rim from 10" - 24". Pedal assembly may draw from front cover right help arm.